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Located in New Jersey Maja Flava was started in 2014 store owner Mimi didn't just want to sell vape juice she wanted to set the standard for shops in her area. So she thought outside the box and offered a self serve dripper bar for loyal clients and a Juice Tender bar for those that wanted some guidance.  One of her favorite promotions is to hold vape bashes on Black Friday and offer basket deals for her customers with unique holiday theme flavors. 

Mimi's shop doesn't just cater to vapers its a wellness nirvana with everything from coffee to candles. Dedicated to offering her customers the best nature has to offer Mimi is still setting the standard in New Jersey. 


She has helped over 7000 customers find the joys of switching from nicotine to herbal based vapes as well as remedies for what ever ails them.  If you are in New Jersey stop by her shop she is always willing to give advise and lend a hand and make sure you pick up a bottle of Death by Toucan it is easily one of the top 10 in our book. You can check out her shop in the video. 


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