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As a wellness company we are dedicated to providing  great products that generate results. We take the best mother nature has to offer combined with todays science to provide natural supplements that help transform and balance peoples lives .

Quality still matters to us and, while many in the industry look to cut costs and increase profits by using ingredients not found in nature, we will not compromise. Whenever possible, our products are 100% plant derived.


That means No fillers, No cutting agents. Plant derived Terpenes and 100% plant based, oils along with pure coconut and sunflower extracts.

Using as much of what mother nature can provide as possible may cost a little more and isn't always the most efficient way to produce a product but if we wouldn't put it in our body we don't want you putting it in yours. 


Zen Stones



A passion for excellence is what drives us. From seed to shelf we believe its the little things that make the biggest difference. That's why we said no to the big wholesale houses and chose to use small producers who are just as passionate about hemp and its amazing benefits as we are.


Our partners start with premium seed, harvest by hand and hang dry the stalks taking precautions to prevent heat degradation and mold. 

Quality seed and hand harvesting are just the start. See in our view when you are passionate about something you pay attention to the little things and those little things can have big dividends.


Little things like temperature controlled grinders for our pre-roll products. Using natural terpenes extracted without solvents to maximize the entourage effect and climate controlled storage for our naturally derived Delta 8 distillate so we can ensure its as close to fresh as possible when it reaches you. 


Sure we could skip the little things and do it the way the bigger companies do but, little things in life matter. We do the little things because we believe they do matter and do make a difference. 


A difference you will feel when you choose Z.E.N. 


Start vaping flavors again


These Made with Botanika™ flavors deliver an all natural, non habit forming, non toxic, 100% Botanical alternative to smoking and nicotine. 

The ingredients in Botanika are 100% FDA approved and because they are not derived from tobacco are legal in all 50 states. In fact California has deemed them to be a botanical product under PROP 56 making them free from all excise taxes.  



 Cannabis isn't the only product of mother nature we are passionate about. For centuries herbal and botanical remedies have helped people release stress, renew energy, rebuild health and live a more natural and balanced life.  

Our GEN Z.E.N. products take todays science and the best of mother nature to provide natural remedies for about anything you can think of from easing the symptoms of a cold, quitting nicotine or just relaxing before bed. 


Labs are awesome, but they can't tell you how the product will perform for you. Every product we sell has been focus group tested for quality, taste, effectiveness, and over all satisfaction. 


Our focus group participants come from every walk of life. The focus groups are made up people who never tried a cannabis product, those who occasionally use them, as well as experienced cannabis connoisseurs

Our goal is to make sure we have done everything we can from farm to purchase, to ensure you get the product that fits you with the results you are expecting. 

If you would like to join one of our focus groups, have some fun, get some free product and gear, it's easy fill out our contact form. 

Beach Meditation


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